The Undead Mutant King is a monster living in Egypt. It is most notable for dropping Ancient Necklace, Ancient Bracelets, and Ancient Ring which are used as materials for crafting Valiant jewelry.


Item Quantity Chance of Drop
Ancient Bracelet 1 10%
Ancient Necklace 1 10%
Ancient Ring 1 10%
Bones 292-4946 50%


To locate the Undead Mutant King, take the Magic Flute to Egypt and enter the cave immediately to the southeast. Travel down the corridor and ascend the stairs to find a Undead Mutant King. There are two spawns in Pyramid which can be accessed by traveling to Egypt and heading north, then west at Egyptian Pyramid.

Map ID Map Name Quantity
13 Undead King's Crypt 1
276 Desert Temple Entrance 1





Undead Crypt


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