Tutorial Town is the main town in Bones Underground. Since its introduction to the game, it's remained a popular congregation point for players of all levels. Tutorial Town can be accessed using a Scroll of Tutorial Town or by Magic Flute.

It is one of the few towns in game that undergo seasonal changes throughout the year.

History Edit

Tutorial Town is Bones Underground's oldest town having been introduced to the game in its earliest stages when the server still ran using the SEOSE server software.

Tutorial Town has undergone major changes ever since, with many mappers contributing to or completely re-imagining the map. With this, the size of the town has varied with the changes made. With buildings also being added in and being removed as required.

Previous incarnations of Tutorial Town included major bosses in high traffic areas and the respawn area in the top corner of the map.

Locations  Edit

  • Crafting Mall - Currently located in the top left corner of Tutorial Town, the Crafting Mall houses multiple NPCs used in crafting.
  • Guild Hall & Bank Hall - Located in the bottom left hand corner, this building houses both the Guild Hall on Level 2 and the Bank Hall on the Ground Floor. A common hangout for both players and admins alike; spawn events often happen here. An Arena is also located in the left hand corner of the Bank map.
  • BU Buck Shop - Located beside the Crafting Mall, the BU Buck Shop is the place to spend your BU Bucks on rare or hard to craft items. Bone's Office is also located within this building.
  • Hair Stylist - Located in the middle of Tutorial Town, the Hair Stylist offers premium hairstyles at no cost.
  • Usage Shop - Located on the right hand side of Tutorial Town, the Usage Shop allows you to spend your hard-earned Usage Tokens on a consistently revolving items within the store.
  • Event Emporium - Located in the same building as the Usage Shop, the Event Emporium allows you to spend your Event Coupons on rare and previously unreleased items.