Shrapnel Blade is a melee item that fills the weapon slot of a player's paperdoll. As of August 2016, it is the best weapon available in the game.

Ingredients Edit

History Edit

Shrapnel blade was added in August 2016 as part of the Version 31c patch.

Shrapnel blade was designed by Cirras and Mookie to match the design of one of the main NPCs in the new update; the Metal Man.

The craft was one of many in the new version that utilized quest items as an ingredient in an attempt to vary the crafting experience.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Shrapnel Blade was designed by both Cirras and Mookie but was pixelled by Cirras.
  • The craft for Shrapnel Blade has been altered at least twice to be easier, as it's first iteration had many players unhappy with how difficult it was.
  • Shrapnel Blade was created in the later stages of development as Cirras believed that the Everglade Bow did not look strong enough to be the new best weapon.
  • Shrapnel Blade has been the strongest melee weapon in game for the longest amount of time as of March 2018.
  • Shrapnel Blade unlike its predecessors, does have an attack animation.