The Road to Tutorial Town is a pathway on the outskirts of Tutorial Town.

It is the third map a player will encounter at the start of their journey as a new player in the game. It cannot be accessed by scroll or by Magic Flute.

History Edit

This map has undergone major changes throughout the many years it has existed being redone by multiple mappers as needed to match the changes made to the new player experience.

Previous iterations of this map included small areas with filled with various NPCs for new players to train on.

The current version of this map replaced these training areas with an area for players to kill ravens for the second starter quest, Raven Quest.

NPCs on this map Edit

Raven Lady - Offers new players a quest to rid her garden of pesky ravens.

Raven - The ravens are pesky little creatures that must be killed to satisfy the requirements for the Raven Quest.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Stephanie mapped the current iteration of this map.
  • This map is a popular choice for admins during Hide and Seek events as it is very easy to walk past the small island in the middle of the lake without seeing a player there.

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