A rebirth (or reborn) occurs once a player reaches level 246 – the maximum possible level. The player's level will be automatically reset to 0, but will retain all stat points. A rebirth requires approximately 1.981 billion XP. Besides training on monsters, it is possible to obtain rebirths by completing certain quests.

A player can check their own or another player's number of rebirths using the #check command.


Class directly correlates with the player's total number of rebirths and can be viewed in the Online tab.

Name Number of Rebirths
Peasant 0
Villager 0
Adventurer 0
Warrior 0
Guardian 0
Champion 0
Master 0
Hero 0
Legend 0
Divine 0
God 0
Afterlife 0


An Afterlife is obtained after the player accumulates 246 rebirths. Afterlives are no different from regular rebirths and are purely cosmetic.

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