Rancor Worm is a foul-looking worm living in Elite. Its most coveted drops are Greffen necklaces, bracelets, rings, and bracers which are used to craft Valiant jewelry.


Item Quantity Chance of Drop
Greffen Bracelet 1 12%
Greffen Bracer 1 12%
Greffen Necklace 1 16%
Greffen Ring 1 16%
Bones 1 - 3000 Unknown


Rancor Worm is most easily accessed by taking the Magic Flute to Woodsland Village, then taking the northeast path to Illyrio Junction, then east to Woodlands Area where you will find a cave to the north. Enter and proceed through the cave until you emerge in Rocnar Forest where the Rancor Worm is roaming about.

Map ID Map Name Quantity
262 Rocnar Forest 1

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