The Player Meeting Place is an inaccessible map primarily used for when a Player Meeting is called by the admins.

This map cannot be accessed via scroll or by Magic Flute. The only way to access this map is via warp by an admin.

History Edit

This map was created for Player Meetings to take place on, as there were no existing maps in-game suitable for the player meetings to be held on.

The map is based on another inaccessible map and was created with the intention of providing multiple areas for players to sit and discuss ideas and issues with developers and Moderators.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Mookie created this map to her specifications after pitching the idea of Player Meetings at an Admin Meeting.
  • Like all maps created by Mookie, there is a slime hidden on this map.
  • The books are interactive and provide valuable information and hints about the game.
  • Despite there being an entrance to the map intended for players to access it without needing a warp, the map has not been linked to any part of the world and therefore cannot be accessed without a warp.