Pets are non-playing characters that can be spawned by a pet-spawn item in a player's inventory. Pets will follow the player that spawned them until they are desummoned by double-clicking the pet-spawn item.

Pet MenuEdit


Clicking on pets when they are summoned opens a list of helpful tools for its owner:

  • Heal me: The pet will heal your character in intervals, based on evade
  • Attack my enemies
  • Cast Spells
  • Get Drops: Pets will walk to a dropped item and attempt to retrieve it for the owner if there are no obstacles (monsters or characters) blocking the way.
  • Come
  • Relax for a bit
  • Be Quiet
  • Access my Locker: Opens up the player's locker from anywhere in the game.
ID Pet Name Spawn Item Heal Spell Interval Pet Power
148 Bones Mr. Bones 500 30
283 Bonez the Pup Doggy Bone 5,000 30
549 Charlotte Spider Egg 10,000 30
273 Dragon Dragon Collar 10,000 30
89 Elliot Elliot's Heart 20,000 30
425 Frosty Snowball 7,500 30
215 George the Slime Slimy Essence 5,000 30 Call Sidwell
581 Greg the Ghost Ghostly Linen 10,000 30
455 Grim Death's Skull 30,000 30 Death's Skull
233 Guardian Angel Angel 20,000 30 Angelic Twister
481 Kingsley the Slime Kingly Slime Essence 8,000 30 Slimy Friends
243 Lil Sam Sam 20,000 30 Samurai Blast
306 Mermaid Mermaid Brush 5,000 30 Give me a Makeover
258 Mr.Burns Burnstone 1,000 30
279 Panda Lampanda 5,000 30
375 Pet Blizz Blizz Talisman 15,000 30
548 Shauna Sheep Doll 6,000 30
466 Steely Snowman 15,000 30 Angry Snowballs
Ice Smash

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