Paper Dragon
Difficulty 1
Health 250 HP
XP Gained 1,500 XP
Aggressive? No
Located in Lost Woods, Three Towns Road


Paper dragons are weak monsters known for dropping scrolls. They also play a role in the Beginners Guide quest.


Item Quantity Chance of Drop
Bertha 1 4%
Scroll of Fort 1 10%
Scroll of Ghost Town 1 10%
Scroll of Hidden Village 1 10%
Scroll of Lava Land 1 10%
Scroll of New Aeven 1 10%
Scroll of Sky Mountain 1 10%
Scroll of Stronghold Village 1 10%
Scroll of Swamp 1 10%
Scroll of Tutorial Town 1 10%
Scroll of Underground City 1 10%
Scroll of Volcanis 1 10%


Paper dragons can be most easily accessed by taking the Magic Flute to Stronghold Village and traveling one map down to Stronghold Inter.

Map ID Map Name Quantity
122 Lost Woods 3
??? Three Towns Road ???

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