One Eyed Willy was removed from Bones Underground after an update.


-Air Hat
-Big Health Potion
-Big Mana Potion
-Bone Bracer
-Bones (1522)
-Cat Hat
-Cook Hat
-Dirty Water
-Dull Arabic
-Event Coupon
-Frog Egg
-God Halo
-Hula Hula Hat
-Infared Goggles
-Leisure Suit
-Male Piggy Costume
-Metal G
-Queens Belt
-Rage Belt
-Rage Bracer
-Reaper Egg
-Red Cons
-Sage Hat
-Shroo Wrap
-Spider Leg
-Tracer Staff
-Train Ticket
-Shroo Wrap
-White Samurai
-Yuimaz Halo


-New Aeven x1

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