Oaks Town is a small village located in the outskirts of Greece.

It can be accessed via scroll, but not by Magic Flute.

History Edit

Oaks Town was officially added to the game on August 15th 2016. However, prior to its integration into Version 31c it served as an admin-only restricted map.

Locations Edit

Town Resident's Home - Located in the top right of Oaks Town, this house is home to Patrick, an NPC featured in the Child's Play quest.

Oak Town Bar - Located in the top left of Oaks Town, the NPCs on this map feature heavily in the Thanatic Schism Quest.
Town Chapel - Located in the top left corner of Oaks Town, the chapel offers an alternative location to get wed to your in-game sweetheart.
Law House - Located in the bottom left corner of Oaks Town, the Law House is your one stop shop to either start your marriage or end it.
Bank of Oaks Town - Located on the right side of town beside the Oak Grocery Shop, the Bank of Oaks Town is the ideal place to drop off your hard earned loot for safe keeping.

Crafting Edit

Oaks town is a major hub for crafting and therefore many crafting NPCs can be found littered throughout the town.

Relatively Crafty Sheep - A somewhat intelligent sheep who provides entry level crafts for the Oaks Town and surrounding areas. He can be found spouting nonsense in the Town Square.
Simen - Located in the Oak Groceries Shop in the bottom right corner of Oaks Town, Simen's shop is where to craft the Dult Set.
Instrument Craftsman - Located in the Theatre Hall in the top right corner of Oaks Town, the instrument craftsman is where to craft the Harp instrument. An NPC to learn the skill of Bard can also be found on stage.

Fun Facts Edit

  • This map was mapped by Mookie and was one of her first mapping additions to the game.
  • This map was originally intended to remain a private admin-only testing map.
  • Prior to the map's release in Version 31c, the town was accidentally filled with spiders when Mookie put in the wrong NPC id when placing NPCs onto the map. This contributed to the creation of the spider farm to the South East of the Town to commemorate this error.
  • The layout of Oaks Town was based on both New Aeven and Centaur Village from the original Endless-Online.