Name Change Ticket is a craftable item that allows a player to change his or her character's display name.



Name Change Ticket Menu

Double-clicking will prompt the user to enter the command #name New Name. Doing so brings up another menu asking the player what type of name change he or she would like.

  1. Public (Announcement/Record): An announcement is made to every online player in the server and your previous display name is visible using the #check command.
  2. Quiet (Public/Record): Your previous display name is visible using the #check command.
  3. Secret (Private Record): Your previous display name is not revealed in any way except to Bones Underground Staff.


Name Change Tickets are craftable at the Event and Usage Rewards shops, both accessible through Tutorial Town.

Event Magistrate Usage Rewards (Special)
Item Name Quantity Item Name Quantity
Event Coupon 10 Usage Token 50
Bones 1

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