Magic Flute
Magic Flute
Item Type Warp
Weight 1
Bag Space 3x1
Craftable No
Dropped by Unknown [edit]

The Magic Flute is an item that allows its user to teleport to different maps. It is obtained as a reward from the Beginners Guide quest.

Teleport LocationsEdit

Upon double-clicking the Magic Flute, an interface will appear where the user can choose which map to teleport to. The locations are divided into two lists:

List 1
Map ID Map Name
364 Greece
70 SeaSide Village
302 Fort
160 Mines
9 Ghost Town
120 Underground City
424 Volcanis
277 Egypt
116 Stronghold Village
263 Woodsland Village
List 2
Map ID Map Name
PK Entrance
BU Bucks Shop
Tutorial Town
Upper Dwarf Village
New Beach
New Aeven
Alien Landing
Ghost Train
Star Ship

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