Lotto is a recurring event that takes place every Friday night EST.when? All logged in players are warped to the Island Lotto Map? and asked to form a single file line in front of the administrator hosting the event.

Each player is asked to choose a number within a range corresponding to the total number of items in the game. The player then communicates their selected number to the administrator who will input a command that generates a random prize item retrievable from the ground. Nearly all items are eligible prizes in Lotto.

Technical Information Edit

Before every Lotto, one of the event hosts will generate a Lotto List with a special admin command. This creates a randomized list numbers from 1-899 which is automatically shared between any admin using the $lotto command.

When a player gives their number, the admin types $lotto followed by their selection. If the player's number was already given earlier in the event, the system automatically selects the next one.

The prize is generated by checking the Lotto List at the position of the number the player gave, and then spawning the Item whose ID was at that position.

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