The Library of Grass is an inaccessible map.

It cannot be accessed via scroll or Magic Flute and must be warped to by an Admin.

History Edit

No one is entirely sure about who created this map or why it was created.

Previously thought to just be a barren wasteland of a map, the Library of Grass proved everybody wrong when a small pile of books was found in the top corner.

No one is entirely sure when the Library of Grass was added to the game, leaving this map a complete mystery to any who come by it.

Fun facts Edit

  • No one knows who created this map, when it was added to the game or the purpose of it.
  • It remains a favorite map of many admins because of it's mysterious nature and lack of purpose.
  • It is occasionally used by developers when testing new NPCs as there are very few objects to block the path of the NPC.
  • The one and only object on this map cannot be interacted with, deepening the mystery surrounding this map.

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