A Headless Mage is a monster in Lava Land. Headless Mages are commonly trained on at higher levels because they are relatively weak, respawn quickly, and are aggressive, allowing for constant EXP gain.


Item Quantity Chance of Drop
Tracys Long Sword 1 12%
Skull Ring 1 12%
Raw Abyss Ore 1 4%
Lucky Horse Foot (33k exp) 1 4%
Abyss Stone (5m exp) 1 4%


Headless Mages can be most easily accessed by using a Scroll of Lava Land and traveling two maps west to Headless Mage Training Area.

Map ID Map Name Quantity
244 Spire Creek 4
362 Headless Mage Training Area 12
484 Crowded Attic 1

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