Cirras' Office is a map primarily used by Cirras to conduct private meetings and other administrative tasks.

Neatly hidden in a waterfall in Sky Mountain, this map is an obscure and secluded spot in Bones Underground for both Cirras and Sidwell The Slime.

History Edit

A common place to find Cirras in his early days as a player, the waterfall this map was placed in has remained a favourite for Cirras throughout his years as an admin on Bones Underground.

Cirras' Office was added in February 2015 and the location of it was introduced to the players through multiple Hide and Seek events.

Fun facts Edit

  • This map was mapped by Cirras.
  • Sidwell The Slime made his debut on this map.
  • Prior to the 2015 Christmas Update, the painting featured behind Cirras' desk was a painting of Tutorial Town.
  • Most of the objects on this map are interactive and give insights into Cirras' personality and habits.

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